YOU’LL LOSE MONEY In The Stock Market! (Unless You Do This)

The stock market insights 👉YOU NEED! 👈Everyday the stock market hits all time highs and gets more and more crazy. But what do you do if you have a 401k or IRA and you have to be in stocks and/bonds? The first key to the stock market is to understand the stock market and very few people do. One of the biggest stock market mistakes is to assume past results will some how repeat themselves in the future. This is a very dangerous mindset but for some reason it’s pervasive in financial education everywhere? The only drivers for the stock market moving forward are future earnings, interest rates and multiple valuations. And they all hold different weight at different times. The cross currents are impossible to predict with much accuracy but what’s much easier is just buying when things are cheap and selling them when they’re expensive. This is a stock market golden rule that will serve you well but there is SO MUCH MORE in the video!

If you have an interest in investing or the economy THIS IS A MUCH WATCH!

In this stock market video I discuss the following:

1. Understanding what drives the stock market.
2. Back dating specific strategies to see which produce the highest stock market returns.
3. Why past stock market performance is useless information!

CAGR video –

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