CLJ’s Small Business Saturday: FREE Ways to Support Content Creators! – Chris Loves Julia

Last Saturday we shared a bunch of Small Business and discounts to encourage you to support them during this time of economic uncertainty. And today, I wanted to shed light on another kind of small business–content creators. Chris Loves Julia employs and supports 8 different families (we’re a small business!) and I know so many other bloggers, instagrammers, influencers, youtubers–we’ll call them all content creators–employ photographers, graphic designers, editors, accountants, crafters, stylists, etc. to put content out on a consistent basis.

During this pandemic, we’re all digesting more web content than ever, but like many other jobs, content creators are having to shift gears. The creators who make the content you love are able to do so through the generous support of sponsors and affiliate revenue from the products you love and buy with your hard-earned money. Some sponsorships have been put on hold. Some have dissolved. Understandably, we’re all a little more cautious with our spending, so some have seen affiliate marketing decrease. The good news is that there are a lot of FREE ways to support your favorite content creators (and keep them making the content you love!). Consider supporting the online creators you love most by:

Chris Loves Julia

We have some great content planned in the coming weeks and appreciate all of your active support! This is a community and we’re so glad you’re here!

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