This kid just cashed out big on GameStop stock his mom bought TWO YEARS ago | Not the Bee

Jaydyn Carr from San Antonio just scored big in the GameStop insanity of this week.

The 10-year-old’s mom gifted him 10 shares of the company’s stock for Kwanza in December 2019. Back then, the price was $6 a share. She even printed out a certificate for him to celebrate the occasion.

On Wednesday, he sold those 10 shares for $3,200.

Can you imagine what getting three grand as a fifth grader would feel like? I still remember what it felt like to save up $60 for my first Game Boy.

Jaydyn and his mom put $2,200 in his savings and are reinvesting $1,000. The little guy says he’s interested in Roblox, an online gaming platform that’s set to go public on the stock market soon.

Keep it up, little dude!

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