‘S.N.L.’ Takes on Marjorie Taylor Greene and GameStop – The New York Times

A flabbergasted McKinnon said to him, “Among the first 3 percent of all Americans given the vaccine was O.J. Simpson.”

Thompson threw up his hands. “Hey, guilty as charged,” he said. He paused, then added, “About the vaccine.”

Finally, McKinnon interviewed the guest host John Krasinski, who was playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who has been friendly with Trump in the past.

McKinnon lavished praised on Brady for helping to lead his team to the Super Bowl and asked if many Americans would be rooting for him next weekend.

“Almost no one,” Krasinski said.

McKinnon said that she, at least would be supporting him, and added, “It’s not like you’re a weird Trump guy or anything, right?”

Rather than answer the question, Krasinski stood up from his chair and said, “Thanks for having me.”

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