PlayStation Fans So Desperate for PS5 Stock They Brought Their Beds to GameStop – Push Square

8 consoles (2 PS5 and 6 Xbox) is all the store had in stock. 8.

Everyone I talked to there was saying the same thing: this was their only real chance to get a console because all the bots are sucking them up.

Everyone social distanced. Everyone wore masks. Everyone was responsible.

I walked away empty-handed.

Moral of the story: it’s time to stop making online-only the only way to get these machines.

Type PlayStation 5 into eBay search and there are over 10K listings and not one of them is selling one for a normal price. 10K+ PS5’s that are being held hostage by scalpers. Yet, all Sony and Microsoft could give to stores was a measly 8 consoles between them.

I know I will get a console eventually – I mean, I still didn’t plan to get one until around March anyways; but it’s the principle of it all now.

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