Texas investor uses GameStop gains to donate Switches to sick children

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been glued to the ongoing drama regarding GameStop’s stock. While there’s still a big push to hold onto the stock (which trades under the symbol GME on the New York Stock Exchange) to drive the price up, not everyone is on board. Given the high price, it’s incredibly tempting to sell and make a pretty penny. One investor in North Texas did just that, but instead of keeping the money, they used it for a more noble cause—helping sick children.

According to NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth, the anonymous donor took their gains from selling GameStop stock and used them to purchase 10 Switch units from local GameStop locations. They then took those units and gave them to Medical City Children’s Hospital on Thursday, where they’ll be available for children to play while recovering from illness.

Speaking about this series of events, the donor said they made “a good amount through r/WallStreetBets on this hilarious GME trade” and wanted to give back “in a way that was equally hilarious.” They hope their actions will inspire others who are making money off of the GameStop situation to turn it into a force for good and give back to their own communities.


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