‘Daily Show’ Got ‘Margot Robbie’ To Explain Reddit And GameStop Fiasco

I have read every article about what’s happening with Reddit and GameStop and Wall Street, including our own, but I still understand only 10 perfect of what’s happening. It’s turning all of us into the “Pepe Silvia” meme. If only we had Margot Robbie in a bathtub to explain everything, like she did with mortgage bonds in The Big Short. Unfortunately, the actress is doing literally anything else, so you’ll have to settle for The Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s face superimposed on Robbie’s body. It’s the next best thing.

“Basically, there’s a group of people on Reddit who don’t use the stock market to invest, they use it to gamble,” Noah-as-Robbie said. “And, yeah, that’s what a lot of serious investors do, too, but these guys on Reddit are more honest about it and they love to troll the people who aren’t. So, there’s a store called GameStop that sells video games since games can be downloaded now. Which is why serious investors decided to short GameStop, which means to bet against it. But the Redditors are gamers who have a semi-ironic love for the store. So they started making memes encouraging each other to punish the serious people by buying worthless GameStop stocks.”

Are you beginning to understand? Good… Now, f*ck off. Watch the clip below.

Margot Robbie wasn’t available to explain this GameStop situation in a bathtub, so this is the best we could do. pic.twitter.com/Mw1dabmIzQ

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) January 28, 2021

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