The WallStreetBets GameStop Hype Helped This Guy Save His Dog’s Life

The injury is the equivalent of a torn ACL in humans and is a common problem in bulldog breeds. The vet told Delgado the devastating news that without the surgery, the best option was to euthanize Toshi.

“I couldn’t sleep that entire night and I kept trying to think of what I could do to raise the money,” said Delgado. “I was going to start a GoFundMe or something, but I’ve never been the kind of person to ask for charity.”

Delgado was already invested in a few stocks and in cryptocurrency, so he had a look for what could be a way to raise the money. That took him to r/WallStreetBets.

“I figured I didn’t have anything to lose,” he said.

He took around $1,000 that he’d scraped together and invested in GameStop and AMC last Tuesday. At that time, GME was priced around $97. He was able to sell the next day when it was near $400, making the extra $3,000 he needed for Toshi’s surgery. (BuzzFeed News reviewed screenshots of Delgado’s trading app, showing the jump in his stock’s value and his withdrawal.)

That day, he put up a post on r/WallStreetBets titled “I want to thank you guys for saving my best friends life!”

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