GameStop and Best Buy Restock PS5 as Customers Struggle With Scalpers

GameStop and Best Buy released new PS5 stock today alongside new Xbox Series X stock. They weren’t the only retailers to restock the PlayStation 5 — Walmart, Amazon, and a couple of other smaller regional retailers also released new PS5 stock — but GameStop and Best Buy are the only ones trending on Twitter because of their restock, and that’s because their drops were weighed down by the most website issues and went extremely quick, likely due not just to demand, but scalpers.

Today was the biggest PS5 drop of 2021, and at the moment of writing this, the console is still available at Walmart. However, while several retailers released new stock today, it was still far from enough to satiate demand, hence why there are so many unhappy PlayStation customers over on Twitter that it’s causing Best Buy and GameStop to trend.

Like in the past, the tweets are brimming with those relaying word that the stock vanished before they even had a chance to click on anything. Meanwhile, others mention website crashes and cart issues that have plagued many PS5 drops in the past.

At the moment of publishing, it’s unclear how much stock was swallowed up by scalpers and their bots, but one PS5 scalper recently took to the social media platform to brag about securing over 2,000 orders within minutes. That said, while it’s unclear how much of a role scalpers played today in Best Buy and GameStop’s stock vanishing in seconds, it hasn’t stopped customers from being frustrated with the process.

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