Xbox Series X and S preorders may face supply constraints at GameStop | VentureBeat

Gaming fans may have as much trouble with Xbox Series X and S preorders tomorrow as they did with PlayStation 5 preorders last week. Supply for the new Xbox consoles is even more limited than it was for Sony’s machine, according to multiple GameStop associates that spoke with GamesBeat. Gamestop employees told us that they have around half as many Xbox Series X and S systems as they did PlayStation 5s. This will likely lead to a situation where the console sells out immediately after going up for preorder.

I’ve reached out to Microsoft for a comment about this story, and I’ll update it with any new statement. I’m also reaching out to other retailers to ask about their supply.

For GameStop, this may have implications for who can even get a system. At least one sales district is emphasizing bundles and attachment rates over “naked” consoles. What that means is that stores will only try to sell an Xbox if you purchase it with other games and accessories. The goal is to get five additional items attached to any one console sold.

But even at stores that are selling consoles on their own, you’re likely to find that these Xbox systems sell out quickly. After polling approximately 10 locations, these stores seem to have between 5-to-10 Xbox Series X consoles and only 2-to-4 Xbox Series S systems. Each store said they had about twice as many PlayStation 5s versus Series X and twice as many PS5: Digital Editions versus Series S.

This does not say anything about how quickly Microsoft can replenish stock. Fewer Xbox systems at retail may not sting too painfully if the company can allocate more products consistently before the console’s November 10 debut.

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