Robinhood Expands Trading Restrictions To 50 Stocks, Including GameStop, General Motors, Starbucks, Several SPACs

Robinhood added additional restrictions to trades on its platform late Friday.

The restrictions include the ability to only buy one share of GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME), one of the hottest stocks this week and one that has led to a major short squeeze.

Robinhood also placed restrictions on Thursday that halted the buying of certain stocks. 

The list of stocks that now have limited restrictions has climbed to 50, according to CNBC. Here is a look at the 50 stocks with restrictions on Robinhood and the current limit on the number of shares and options you can purchase.

Why It’s Important: The list includes many of the high-flying  popular among retail traders. Today’s list puts restrictions on several blue chip stocks for the first time, with stocks like General Motors and Starbucks having purchase limits.

SPACs are also among the stocks restricted by Robinhood, including some completed SPAC merger companies, SPACs with pending deals and SPACs searching for targets hit by the restrictions.

Disclosure: Author is long shares of CCIV, NAKD, SNDL.

Photo courtesy of Robinhood. 

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