Pokémon Was The Second Most Pre-Ordered Title At GameStop During E3 – Nintendo Life

Video game retail giant GameStop has revealed the most pre-ordered upcoming releases shown during E3 2019. Three Nintendo titles made the cut and one third-party release also coming to the Switch was featured.

I’m not pre-ordering it, and maybe I won’t even get it at all.

As for pre-order, the whole game overall aside from the fact it lacks Pokémon doesn’t appeal to me, it looks like they grabbed the Let’s Go engine, tweaked some stuff and put new world in it (Switch is more capable than that, even the Wii U was)

Dynamax Pokémon feels like another quick gimmick, it’s Z stones but now without the silly dance but with big Pokémon now.

And I could go on and on without even mentioning the lack of some Pokémon, even without that the game looked rushed so I’ll wait until they release it, if it’s better in the end I might get it, otherwise I skip is fully (I learned my mistakes after copy paste job called Ultra Sun & Moon, and the for me dissapointing Let’s Go games)

Plenty of other stuff coming to the Switch that I want, not even counting other platofrms I game on.

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