Candace Owens compares Robinhood blocking GameStop stock trade to Big Tech’s shutdown of Parler

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., discusses the ongoing backlash to restrictions against investors and the possibility of Washington overreaction.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens took aim this week at the stock trading app Robinhood after it blocked amateur traders from buying shares in companies like GameStop amid chaos on Wall Street.

Robinhood has faced intense bipartisan backlash over its actions to halt trading of various companies whose stock prices surged dramatically after a group of Reddit users bought up shares. Robinhood was accused by some critics of market manipulation, while others have called for the tech company to be investigated. 

Owens compared Robinhood’s actions  to the disabling of the conservative-favored social media app Parler by tech giants Amazon, Apple and Google.. 

“The #RobinHood scandal reminds me of when millions of Americans organized to flee Facebook & Twitter for Parler—and then a bunch of crooks (Google & Apple) shut it down by pretending that the competition was illegal,” Owens tweeted Thursday. 

“Wall Street & Big Tech are criminal, colluding enterprises,” she added. 

On Friday, Owens suggested that amateur stock traders will be further targeted by their powerful adversaries. 

“Have they started referring to Redditors as domestic terrorists and deleting their profiles by the millions yet? That’s always my favorite part.” Owens wrote

She later followed, “Also— have they connected this somehow to Donald Trump and white supremacy? Because the rise of white supremacy is um… definitely to blame.”

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