GameStop Investor Uses Stock Profits To Buy Nintendo Switches For Children’s Hospital

Deciding to invest some of their stonks with their hearts, one GameStop stock investor paid it forward the best way they know how: sharing their love of gaming. 

A North Texas Gamestop stock investor used their recent gains to purchase the Nintendo Switch for sick children. The incredibly popular handheld game console has been selling out at retailers since the onset of the pandemic. 

The anonymous investor who donated the Nintendo Switches said they made “a good amount through r/WallStreetBets on this hilarious GME trade” and felt inspired to give back “in a way that was equally hilarious.

The investor added that they hope to convince others from the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets to contribute back in a similar fashion, turning in their short sales into a force for good.

Within the last week, the Stock Market has been a frenzy, with small investors taking on large hedge funds. At one point, shares of GameStop stock drove up to a rocketing 68%. This was made possible by an organized campaign created on the Reddit forum r/WallStreet Bets, who made it their mission to “democratize” investing.

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