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 The PS5 is on its way. Surely.

While we patiently wait for a reveal event, PlayStation fans’ anticipation is starting to boil over into frustration. Thanks to a pre-order signup page on GameStop, we know a few of the console’s capabilities – 8k gaming support, built-for-purpose SSD storage and even backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR hardware – but there’s still so much that’s been left out. We don’t even know what the PS5 will look like.

 However, that’s not stopped creative PS5 fans and leakers from taking all the information known so far and coming up with their own PS5 concepts. One notable artist, Concept Creator, has created a slick-looking PS5 design using some of the information we already have to hand.

The design shows support for up to 4K, 60fps gameplay, although leaked specs have already confirmed the PS5 will exceed these, with up to 8K resolution. The console is said to support up to 14 Teraflops of graphical power: a feat larger than the Xbox Series X, which is able to put out “just” 12 Teraflops. 

What the hell is a Teraflop? Just as a Terabyte is one trillion “bytes” of data, a Teraflop is one trillion “floating-point operations per second”, a unit useful in measuring the output of advanced computer graphics. Rumours the PS5 will out-perform Xbox Series X have been hanging around for a while now, but without concrete specifications, there’s no way to verify this. 

Check out the video in full below:

 We love this slender, clean look of the console with glowing logo and Tron-esque blue lines. The DualShock 5, a controller already rumoured to pack new features like haptic feedback, has also been included in the render, matching the slick aesthetics.

A USB-C connection charges the controller, while the touchpad has been replaced by a display screen. No back button, such as the recent attachment released for the DualShock 4, is present in the design. 

Do you think the PS5 will cleave very closely to this look, or will it go a radically different direction? Previous leaks have shown an aspect of that distinctive “v” indent, that’s very present in the development kits, is likely to make it into the final design, and there’s no trace of that here. We’ll know more for sure when the PS5 reveal drops, which is any day now… right?

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