‘It’s been a rollercoaster’: Kentucky man joins GameStop investing surge

“It’s been a rollercoaster, so it goes up it goes down it goes up again,” he joked. “I’m definitely not an expert by any means but I think, I believe I have a good understanding of it.”

Sixbey said he invested in GameStop the week of Jan. 25, when the share price was about $50. While he wouldn’t disclose how much he invested, Sixbey said he saw “exponential gains” when the share price for the video game retailer opened Friday at $381.

Sixbey calls himself an avid Reddit user and followed pages like r/wallstreetbets before GameStop’s stock took off. Recent posts to the page encouraged investment in GameStop, after hedge funds “short sold” the companies stock.

“A lot of hedge funds went out and bet heavily against these companies, thinking that they were going to go down, go to zero and declare bankruptcy,” he said.

“I think the playing field is level,” Cupkovic said. “People can [now] find information which I think is great, market transparency should be fair and level across the field and I think that fundamentally that will make a better market and better economy because of it.”

Sixbey, who began investing with Robinhood, now uses four different apps to ensure he can continue to trade how he wants. He said he even started to invest in other hot stocks like AMC, and cryptocurrencies in hopes of increasing his gains.

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