Trevor Noah gets bubbly with Margot Robbie GameStop explainer

GameStop won’t stop — and even Trevor Noah and Margot Robbie are taking a bath Thursday after the company’s infamous $5.5 billion stock surge controversy.

“The Daily Show” host digitally inserted himself into Robbie’s bubble-bath scene from 2015’s financial crash drama “The Big Short” as a way to explain the convoluted situation to the confused masses.

The now-viral clip was created Wednesday after a rowdy Reddit message board infamously sparked rookie investors to surge stocks in the video game retailer — after the wolves of Wall Street bet on its stock prices falling.

When the flummoxed Twitterverse put out its “big wish” for the 30-year-old Oscar nominee to reprise her bubbly scene to explain all the GameStop stock drama, Noah heeded their call instead.

“Basically, there’s a group of people on Reddit who don’t use the stock market to invest, they use it to gamble,” Noah, 36, says in the high-concept, low-budget bit. “And, yeah, that’s what a lot of serious investors do, too — but these guys on Reddit are more honest about it and they love to troll the people who aren’t.”

His Twitter followers were quick to sound-off in the comments.

“Come on, Trevor. You know it’s only wrong and unethical when dirty commoners do it!,” one Twitter wit posted. “When rich people do that we put them on a pedestal, follow them on Twitter, and let them influence government policies to further damn the lower class. *Sexy*”

“They only like insider trading so they tried to put a hault [sic] to the outsiders trading,” another chimed in. “But this isn’t about GameStop. This is about the everyman.”

GameStop was languishing below $5 a share as recently as September, but it started taking off after entrepreneur Ryan Cohen, founder of, took a stake, saying the struggling mall retailer was ripe for a financial rebound. On Jan. 11, GameStop announced it would add three new directors to its board.

That’s when GameStop’s stock got turbo-charged and its biggest investors started reaping billions.

Still confused? Check out The Post’s handy explainer about the entire phenomena — and the bizarre new twist in its ongoing fallout.

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