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Discounts on Nintendo Switch games, especially ones published by Nintendo itself, are rare. But they’re in full swing today, March 10th (cheekily known as “Mar10” day in celebration of Nintendo’s mascot). Several retailers are participating, though with few exceptions, you’ll find mostly the same deals across the board.

If you’re interested in these deals but would rather not wait for the physical version of a game to arrive, some (but not all) of the games are available digitally from Best Buy and GameStop. At Best Buy, select “Digital” from the drop-down menu underneath “Software Format.” Over at GameStop, select “Digital” from the buying options near the top of the page.

Super Mario Odyssey

Was $60, now 25% off. This deal is available only at Best Buy

Super Mario Party

Was $60, now 33% off

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Was $60, now 33% off

(This deal is also available at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.)

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