Rapper Ja Rule blasts Robinhood app, calling its Gamestop halt a ‘f–king crime’

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Rapper Ja Rule is the latest entertainer to weigh in on the trading turmoil caused by the app Robinhood.

The 44-year-old hip-hop star took to Twitter to denounce Robinhood and accused it of criminal behavior for temporarily halting users from acquiring Gamestop stock as its value surged this week.

“Yo this is a f–king CRIME what @RobinhoodApp is doing DO NOT SELL!!! HOLD THE LINE…WTF,” the “Put It on Me” rapper tweeted Thursday.

In a separate tweet he continued: “They hedge fund guy shorted these stocks now we can’t buy them ppl start selling out of fear… we lose money they make money on the short… THIS IS A F–KING CRIME!!!”

He then ripped Wall Street for derailing “the American dream.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, discussed how easily things can change overnight as just a day prior to Robinhood’s delisting of stocks — which prevented millions from trading in GameStop and AMC, among others — he was a fan.

Ja Rule denounced the Robinhood trading app amid its controversy for temporarily halting users from acquiring Gamestop stock as its value surged this week.
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“I love Robinhood. You know what’s so crazy: Just a day ago, I tweeted great things about Robinhood, telling people it’s an amazing app and everyone should get it. And then this happens. I’m like, wow, what a difference 24 hours makes,” he said.

Ja Rule also slammed Robinhood for helping Wall Street “get rich off the stock” while “the little guys are left holding the bag.”

He said this is a prime example of “how broken this system is and how it’s leaned toward one particular group of people to get wealthy and others do not.”

As for how this turbulent week of trading will end, Ja Rule concluded that he sees this as “ending up as a victory for bitcoin.”

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