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GME Stock: Why Red-Hot GameStop Shares Are Climbing Today | InvestorPlace

Is GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock going to $60 or to $20? That is the question fueling massive share price moves, heated internet debate and a cult of GME stock followers. As GameStop tacks on another 7%, what do investors need to know? Source: Emil O / GameStop has essentially become the darling of internet trading […]

[5 WINNERS] GameStop PowerUp Rewards Instant Win Game

Facebook Twitter PinterestHere is an offer where you can enter the PowerUp Rewards Instant Win Game, from GameStop. PRIZES – (5) Instant Prizes – PS4 Pro & PSVR Bundle. ENTRY – One Time Entry. ENDING – February 28, 2018 (11:59 pm.) ENTER HERE This content was originally published here.

GameStop Redditors buy playful Times Square billboard ad

Reddit users have emblazoned a Times Square billboard in New York with a reference to the recent GameStop stock drama. The ad, which ran for an hour on Friday (January 30) courtesy of digital billboard maker Matei Psatta, shows symbols indicating vastly rising stock prices with the caption “$GME GO BRRR” – alluding to the […]

GameStop Ends Week Up 400%

Shares of GameStop rose more than 50 percent on Friday while the broad indexes tumbled. That is enough to bring GameStop, still one of the most shorted stocks in U.S. equities markets, up to a 400 percent gain for the week. Many of the biggest bulls in GameStop continue to hold their shares, predicting the […]

Black Friday 2020 ad scans: See the best deals and sales at Walmart, Best Buy, HP, Newegg, GameStop and more – CNET

Back in the old days — you know, four or five years ago — you knew that Black Friday was arriving when you started seeing Black Friday ad leaks. These were scanned PDFs or JPEGs, often grainy, of the ads from major retailers detailing their Black Friday deals. Intended for the Sunday newspaper just before […]

Reddit traders behind GameStop mania have animosity toward Wall Street elite, says PredIQt’s William LeGate

Reddit traders behind GameStop mania have animosity toward Wall Street elite, says PredIQt’s William LeGate William LeGate, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency platform PredIQt, joins CNBC’s “The Exchange” to discuss the populist forces behind the GameStop mania and what it means for Wall Street. 05:08 This content was originally published here.

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli weighs in on GameStop chaos

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli is following the Reddit-fueled Wall Street chaos from behind bars — and wants to give his input on the saga. The convicted fraudster commented on the GameStop frenzy in an email to Christie Smythe, the former Bloomberg reporter who professed her love for him in a tell-all Elle magazine article last […]

Best Buy is now offering curbside pickup for new game releases | GamesRadar+

American electronics retailer Best Buy is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers, including curbside pickups for new game releases. This comes as businesses deemed “non-essential” are being encouraged to suspend operations temporarily or, at the very least, adopt new policies to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. […]

Lubbock financial advisor warns against ‘volatile’ GameStop as apps lock out buyers

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The stock market is known for its ups and downs, but the rise and fall of GameStop is really turning heads. The short squeeze of the company’s shares is the brainchild of the subreddit WallStreetBets. “Once there’s blood in the water, everyone starts playing. Those big high-frequency traders, and other hedge […]