E-commerce Get It Right!: Essential Step by Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online. Insider Secrets, Key…

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E-commerce Get It Right!Written in a no holds barred style… This new, exclusive and timeless Step-by-Step E-commerce Guide, will show you everything you need to know about achieving success with your own e-commerce business and website. Whether you’re an e-commerce startup, or already have an existing e-commerce business or website that is struggling to make a profit, this book is literally packed full of the latest tried, tested and trusted insider secrets, key strategies and practical tips – proven over a 14-year period to generate sales and profits at explosive levels.Did you know…The majority of e-commerce websites (shopping websites) and e-commerce businesses make $0 profits in their first 3 years online. Such is the steep learning curve and experience required to build an e-commerce website and business, that will dominate your product category, market or niche. Be Part of Elite 3% with E-commerce Get It Right!Inside You’ll Learn…How to Build & Launch a Super-Charged E-commerce Website & Business – Fast!How to Generate High Quality, Ready-To-Buy Visitors!How to Convert More of These Visitors Into Paying Customers!How to Transform a Struggling E-commerce Website and Business!How to Fast Track Your Learning & Avoid the Pitfalls! …and Everything Else In Between for E-commerce Success!E-commerce is a booming industry which is growing at a rapid rate and many e-commerce businesses are taking market share from traditional offline retail businesses. Now is the time to take this opportunity of an accelerated startup regardless of the economy, your background, age or experience. You’ll see how to quickly get accomplished in owning and running your own e-commerce website and e-commerce business with E-commerce Get It Right!Why E-commerce Get It Right!?You’ll get a simple blueprint to owning and running your own e-commerce business and website. Within this book, we are going to break down and analyze the four critical steps required to get explosive E-commerce Sales & Profits – within 30 Days of launch and beyond.Step 1 – Get Started: Setting Up Your E-commerce Success Formula!Step 2 – Get Sales: Build & Launch Your E-commerce Website – Fast!Step 3 – Get Hiring: How To Find A Kick Ass-Web Designer!Step 4 – Get More Sales: Marketing to Hordes of Hungry, Ready-to-Buy E-commerce Customers!We’ll also cover building your e-commerce business success foundation, hiring a kick-ass web designer, how to drive masses of traffic to your website, how to lower bounce and cart abandonment, and how to increase conversion rates (sales), all using simple and common sense yet powerful e-commerce strategies!Perfect for Your E-commerce Startup!US exports alone are expected to top $50 billion by 2020. E-commerce continues to grow on a global as more of the world’s population start to buy online. E-commerce Get It Right! follows a simple and structured plan and shows you how to grow a new or existing e-commerce business, so you not only will you compete with your competition, but completely outshine them to dominate your marketplace.E-commerce Get It Right! Amazon Customer Comments”The best book you will find!””Wish I’d had this book when I started””E-commerce Simplified… At Last!”Start Up Accelerated With E-commerce Get It Right! Available In Paperback, eBook & Kindle.