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The first thing we have to be very clear about is that any business we do on the Internet is just that: a BUSINESS! If we start from this requirement we will have more possibilities of succeeding as any serious company would do inside and outside the Network.Now, it is not enough to be clear about the objective, we also have to design a strategy to reach this desired end: we call this MARKETING. Therefore, we have a wide range of tools that will allow us to be successful in our business, that is, to sell. In this case, we could differentiate two phases depending on the main objective. The first of them would be to get in contact with potential clients and that they get to know us and learn about our services. The second would focus on getting in touch with these people and getting them to become real customers.This book is the only manual you need to finally achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals and become wealthy with eCommerce business today. I hope that all the information you need can be delivered to you by the simple book!