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GameStop Is Hosting a TikTok Contest for Employees Where the Prize Is More Work – Paste

GameStop employees, have you ever thought to yourself, “I would like to be scheduled for more hours, but through a process that resembles gambling?” Great news! Gamestop has announced that they will be holding a TikTok video challenge for their stores, with one of the grand prizes being an allotment of 10 extra labor hours […]

GameStop Cancels TikTok Dance Contest That Gives Winning Store Extra Holiday Hours

GameStop has taken their TikTok dance challenge contest off of their website after swift backlash from employees and the public. A dance contest amongst other stores seemed like a great idea to improve employee morale as the retail world shifts into the holiday rush. Even in 2020, retail stores will more than likely get bombarded […]

GameStop asks employees to compete for extra hours with TikTok challenge

We’re staring down the proverbial barrel of what’s going to be a pretty bizarre holiday season for retail employees, both because the global coronavirus pandemic is still getting worse and because Sony and Microsoft decided to launch a pair of new game consoles that will presumably be in high demand, but the people running GameStop […]