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Facebook Takes Down Trading Group With 157,000 Members Amid GameStop Frenzy

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) disabled a 157,000-member trading discussion group on its platform that discussed shares of companies like GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) and others, Reuters reported Thursday. What Happened: The group — Robinhood Stock Traders — was created by Allen Tran, a 23-year old who was notified by the social network giant that it […]

Insiders at GameStop, BlackBerry, LaCroix Maker Are Suddenly Sitting on Big Stock Gains – WSJ

Retail day traders and Reddit stock pickers aren’t the only ones riding a surge in stock market gains. So are some chief executives and board members at long-struggling companies. Ryan Cohen, the 35-year-old internet entrepreneur who bought a stake in GameStop Corp. last year and joined its board earlier this month after agitating for strategic […]

GME, AMC Skyrocket Pre-Market As r/WallStreetBets Interest Remains Sky-High

The shares of GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Ltd (NYSE: AMC) are skyrocketing in the pre-market session on Wednesday as they continue to see high interest in the r/WallStreetBets community on Reddit. What Happened: GameStop shares traded 68.27% higher at $249, while AMC shares traded 172.18% higher at $13.50 at press time. […]

Dogecoin Shoots Up 62% As SatoshiStreetBets Looks To Emulate WallStreetBets Success With GameStop

Dogecoin (DOGE), a cryptocurrency that originated as a joke, has surged 62% at press time to trade at $0.0132 early Thursday. The surge comes despite the overall bearish cryptocurrency sentiments, with Bitcoin (BTC) trading 0.6% lower at $31,558.26 at press time. Reddit community r/SatoshiStreetBets is calling for users to pump the joke cryptocurrency in a […]

Robinhood Limits Trading In GameStop, AMC And Others

Robinhood users can no longer enter new GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC) positions. What Happened: Screenshots from Robinhood users confirm GameStop’s stock is “not supported on Robinhood.” The commission-free broker is warning customers the platform will only handle orders to “close out your position.” Customers are banned from purchasing additional […]

Robinhood blocks new purchases of GameStop stock – MarketWatch

Robinhood, the online trading application, is preventing users from making new purchases of several stocks, including GameStop Corp. GME, +16.10%, which have surged in value in recent weeks even as professional investors continue to hold large short positions in those securities, the company said in a blog post Thursday. “We continuously monitor the markets and […]

How GameStop’s Reddit- and Options-Fueled Stock Rally Happened – WSJ

Shares of a handful of firms such as GameStop Corp. and BlackBerry Ltd. have posted triple-digit gains in recent weeks, part of a frenzy whipped up by individual investors. Here’s what you need to know. Why is GameStop up? Shares of GameStop are up more than sevenfold in 2021, compared with a 2.5% rise in […]

Robinhood, Other Brokerages Restrict Trading on GameStop, AMC Amid Frenetic Trading – WSJ

Popular online brokerages including Robinhood Markets Inc. and Interactive Brokers Group Inc. have restricted access to trading highflying stocks including GameStop Corp. and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., citing recent volatility in the markets. Both brokerages said Thursday morning that they were restricting trading for certain securities. Robinhood said in a blog post that transactions for […]

GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Wall Street—and the Pros Are Reeling – WSJ

The power dynamics are shifting on Wall Street. Individual investors are winning big—at least for now—and relishing it. An eye-popping rally in shares of companies that were once left for dead including GameStop Corp. , AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and BlackBerry Ltd. has upended the natural order between hedge-fund investors and those trying their hand […]