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Robinhood boss shuts down Elon Musk’s GameStop ‘conspiracy theories’ – live updates

The chief executive of Robinhood has publicly denied what he called “conspiracy theories” that claimed established hedge funds and US financial regulators were attempting to slow down frenzied purchases of GameStop shares. Vlad Tenev told Elon Musk in a livestreamed interview on Monday morning that “you’re getting into conspiracy theories a little bit” after Mr […]

Reggie Fils-Aime to join GameStop’s board of directors | My Nintendo News | Nintendo News

GameStop has announced that former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is joining GameStop’s board of directors. Mr Fils-Aime’s job will be to turn around the company’s fortunes which is clearly a huge challenge. Reggie joins Bill Simon and J.K. Symancyk. “The board refreshment and governance enhancements announced today represent an important milestone in GameStop’s […]

Tesla’s Stock Is the Original GameStop – WSJ

The furious rally in so-called Reddit stocks has captivated Wall Street and the general public. While the attention is elsewhere, a much more familiar mania is still worthy of investor scrutiny. Tesla Inc. reported fourth quarter sales of $10.7 billion and earnings of 24 cents a share on Wednesday, its fifth straight quarter of profits, […]

Robinhood Needed $3 Billion to Shore Up Volatile Trading in GameStop, Other Stocks – WSJ

Robinhood Markets Inc. blocked trading of volatile stocks such as GameStop last week after a clearinghouse asked for $3 billion to back up the trades, the trading app’s chief executive said in an interview posted online. Robinhood and other brokers experienced a deluge of demand from users to invest in a handful of popular stocks […]

This Hedge Fund Made $700 Million on GameStop – WSJ

Richard Mashaal and Brian Gonick started buying GameStop Corp. shares in September. They aren’t Reddit day traders or Discord users. They are hedge-fund managers in New York. And when the stock surged from less than $10 a share to above $400 and the dust had settled, they were sitting on a profit of nearly $700 […]

GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry Face Challenges Despite Stock Frenzy – WSJ

In the past few weeks, investors have bid up the share prices of companies such as GameStop Corp. and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., as short sellers have bet against them. Here is an analysis of the challenges and prospects for these businesses. GameStop is trying to survive a yearslong erosion of its business, which has […]

Catena sanctions board makeover as Kathryn Baker resigns from Chair duties

Industry affiliate marketing publisher Catena Media Plc has informed investors that it will make significant changes to its board following a number of resignations.  Issuing a market filing, the Stockholm-listed firm confirmed that Kathryn Baker has declined to seek re-election as Chairwoman. Baker is joined by Mats Alders and Cecilia Qvist who have chosen to […]