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Even This Pricey Nintendo Switch Bundle At GameStop Just Sold Out – GameSpot

Update: Despite having no discount whatsoever, the $450 Nintendo Switch starter bundle at GameStop is now sold out, which just goes to show how high demand is for the console right now. The Switch Lite starter bundles are still available. We’ll update this story if we see the Switch bundle back in stock. Original story […]

Hori USA Drops The Price Of Its D-Pad Joy-Con Controller – Nintendo Life

Last year, the prolific peripheral maker Hori released a left-hand Joy-Con featuring a full D-Pad arrangement. It was a response to Nintendo’s first-party Joy-Con not including a control pad – with many purists crying out for more traditional control methods when playing specific old-school titles. If the original price of $24.99 still wasn’t enough to […]

PS5 news: This PlayStation 5 design looks incredible in new leaked video | T3

 The PS5 is on its way. Surely. While we patiently wait for a reveal event, PlayStation fans’ anticipation is starting to boil over into frustration. Thanks to a pre-order signup page on GameStop, we know a few of the console’s capabilities – 8k gaming support, built-for-purpose SSD storage and even backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR […]