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Financial advisor on what impact the GameStop surge could cause

It’s been a crazy week for video game company GameStop, as the company’s stock has been sent skyrocketing — then plunging — as a battle is brewing on Wall Street between hedge funds and retail investors. Speaking with FOX 9 Executive Producer Seth Kaplan, senior wealth advisor Brett Angel with the Marks Group explained the […]

Peter Najarian explains what is happening with the GameStop stock

Small investors rallied together on Reddit in an effort to stick it to hedge funds that shorted the stock of video game store GameStop. It’s a true Main Street versus Wall Street fight that Peter Najarian, the founder of Market Rebellion, says is a movement of hundreds of thousands of people. This content was originally […]

Some GameStop Investors Got In With One Goal—to Pay Off Debt – WSJ

Some investors took a flier on GameStop Corp. stock in hopes they would make enough money to pay down debt. Now, after a wild January featuring a 1,625% rise, comes the hard part: deciding when to sell. With the hot stock dipping on Thursday, the question has become more urgent. Den Kovacs, a 25-year-old IT […]

GameStop Stock Price Soars Thanks to Reddit Traders, Hedge Funds Hurting

Here’s what’s going on, in layman’s terms — the Reddit investors basically decided to make GameStop Corp. (GME) their main stock market focus, buying up as many shares as possible in order to screw over hedge funds that have shorted the stock … meaning they bet against it. This content was originally published here.

Robinhood to allow ‘limited’ buys of GameStop, AMC, others on Friday – MarketWatch

Online trading app Robinhood said late Thursday that starting tomorrow it will allow “limited buys” of securities such as GameStop Corp. GME, -44.29%, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC, -56.63%, and others stocks that have surged in price in recent weeks. “We’ll continue to monitor the situation and may make adjustments as needed,” Robinhood said in […]

Gamestop trading action pits powerful against powerless

A popular rebellion, organized by the powerless against the powerful. It might have failed in Washington, but it certainly seems to be working on Wall Street. Driving the news: The market value of GameStop closed at more than $10 billion on Tuesday, on record volume of more than $26 billion. How it works: Thanks to […]

AMC shares triple as retail investor raid of hedge fund short targets spreads from GameStop

AMC shares triple as retail investor raid of hedge fund short targets spreads from GameStop Published Wed, Jan 27 20218:15 AM ESTUpdated Wed, Jan 27 20218:24 AM EST This content was originally published here.