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Robinhood Backlash Spreads After GameStop Trading Crackdown

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images On Thursday morning, the popular stock-trading app Robinhood abruptly banned its users from buying and selling shares of GameStop, Blockbuster Video, and other companies that its users have flocked to en masse this week. The drastic move, which other trading platforms followed, was a reaction to the market mania around those […]

Robinhood users are still limited to one GameStop share

Troubled stock trading app Robinhood has been narrowing the list of restricted stocks on its platform, but is still keeping major restrictions on shares like GameStop (GME).  According to its website, Robinhood has adjusted its list of restricted stocks to eight shares including GME, AMC, BlackBerry, Express, Genius Brands International, Koss, Naked Brand Group and […]

Candace Owens compares Robinhood blocking GameStop stock trade to Big Tech’s shutdown of Parler

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., discusses the ongoing backlash to restrictions against investors and the possibility of Washington overreaction. Conservative commentator Candace Owens took aim this week at the stock trading app Robinhood after it blocked amateur traders from buying shares in companies like GameStop amid chaos on Wall Street. Robinhood has faced intense bipartisan backlash over its […]

BREAKING: Google Deletes 100,000 Negative Reviews For Robinhood After Freezing Shares Of Gamestop

BIG TECH – Google appeared to remove nearly 100,000 negative reviews for the Robinhood app after outraged investors bombarded the stock-trading startup with complaints. Earlier this week Robinhood trading app froze trading on shares of GameStop, AMC and other stocks whose prices exploded by day traders who pumped the stocks. The campaign appeared to work — Robinhood’s […]

Big Tech to the Rescue! Google Deletes Nearly 100,000 Negative Reviews for Robinhood App After Freezing Shares of GameStop

Earlier this week Robinhood trading app froze trading on shares of GameStop, AMC and other stocks whose prices exploded by day traders who pumped the stocks. Robinhood users then flooded the Google Play Store and gave Robinhood a 1 rating following the move. Advertisement – story continues below That’s when Google jumped in and deleted […]

GameStop Stock Surges to Record Highs As Investors Battle Redditors – IGN

The video game retail chain saw its stocks jump to an all-time high of $76.76 per share today. Compared to last year when shares were trending as low as $3 a share. The 80% surge today from its already upward trending $43 per share opening price forced GameStop to temporarily halt trading according to GameStop […]

GameStop Investors Share Why They Went Big on the GME Stock Squeeze – IGN

The interest in GameStop’s irregular stock activity has thrust the Reddit group seemingly driving the surge into the spotlight. Popularly described as “4chan with a Bloomberg Terminal,” r/WallStreetBets is a wild west of stock investing “advice” and memes. And the pearl-clutching establishment has certainly painted this group as a rogue troll army messing with the […]

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: A Step-By-Step Guide in (2020)

Do you want to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website? Pinterest is one of the best social and search engines for photos, GIFs, Videos. It’s a social media networking platform where you can share images and others. It has about 291+ Million active users. Also, you can use it as a bookmarking tool. It […]

ThinkTank 2019: The Evolution of Mobile and Its Influence on E-Commerce

TAP Partnerships Engineering Awards Case Studies Resources Company Culture Button Recently, I had the pleasure of joining the stage at Awin and ShareASale’s ThinkTank conference in Chicago to speak about the evolution of mobile and the influence that it is having on e-commerce. The room was filled with enthusiasm for the untapped potential mobile brings […]

Picking A Niche In Affiliate Marketing for Beginners KHONDOKERS’ VIEWS

In here, you will be discovering how to find that lucrative market. The big idea that really begins as step one of the entire affiliate marketing process. “Well, as a total beginner, what market should I pick?” What niche should you be choosing? I’m going to show you exactly what I did when I picked […]