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Non-Promo Centiskorch Promo at Gamestop! – PokéBeach

I’ve been debating if I should turn this into a news story. Starting today, those who purchase $15 of Pokemon TCG merchandise at Gamestop stories will receive a Centiskorch “promo” card. Except the Centiskorch is an exact print from Sword & Shield. It’s not holo or anything special, despite the claim in the advertisement. The […]

Huge Funko Pop Sale Includes Hot Pre-Orders Like ‘Jurassic Park’

Hopefully you have some shelf space available because you can fill it and then some thanks to a spectacular sale on Funko Pop figures (and more) that’s happening right now at GameStop. The sale is buy three and get one free, and it includes over 1000 items! Plus, you’ll get free shipping on […] This […]

GameStop Offers $200 Credit for Trading a Switch for a Switch

Usually trade-in deals offer you credit on older gaming hardware to help you buy more recent consoles, but GameStop wants you to trade in a Switch in order to buy another Switch… Your old one also needs to be in full working condition to qualify for the trade. This content was originally published here.

We’re Circling Back Today To The GameStop Hullaballoo And Dave Portnoy’s Giant Balls… – Chicks On The Right

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author’s opinion. SO much to talk about today – we’re giving you the lowdown on GameStop, Jen Psaki’s penchant for “circling back” while not actually answering any questions, and Barstool Sports’ boss lady CEO – and Dave Portnoy’s giant set of balls. Also, Pam Anderson […]

On the Daily Show, Jacobin Contributor Doug Henwood Talks Gamestop and Wall Street

American life has been particularly bizarre as of late, so maybe none of us should be particularly gobsmacked by the week’s shenanigans on Wall Street — more weird stuff in a weird country. Still, for those who don’t spend much time studying the ins and outs of our financial system, the roller-coaster ride that Redditors […]

GameStop stock saga: OC hospital worker turns stimulus checks into $40,000 – ABC7 Los Angeles

GameStop turned Wall Street upside down last week and in the process regular people became rich overnight. An Orange County man is one of the many whose life is now changed. This content was originally published here.

Robinhood Goes Down During GameStop Stock Rush

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