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Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya on GameStop surge and rise of retail investors

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya on GameStop surge and rise of retail investors CNBC’s “Halftime Report” team is joined by Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital, to discuss how he traded GameStop and what he thinks this means for the investment landscape going forward. 02:32 This content was originally published here.

‘People are crying’: Hedge funds reel as GameStop trading army goes global – Financial News

The GameStop melt-up, driven in part by Elon Musk, Michael Burry of The Big Short fame and an army of armchair Redditors intent on crippling bearish hedge funds, has led the stock to skyrocket and pummel positions at firms including Melvin Capital and Citron Research. Now, the retail brigade is coming for other stocks popular among […]

Silver (SLV) price: Reddit r/Wallstreetbets users say they’re not behind silver squeeze, focused on GameStop | Fortune

Silver prices jumped 11% in early trading Monday, the precious metal’s biggest jump in 11 years. r/WallStreetBets subreddit users say they’re still focused on GameStop, not commodities. This content was originally published here.

Bed Bath & Beyond, AMC rally with GameStop as little investors squeeze hedge funds in more stocks

Bed Bath & Beyond, AMC rally with GameStop as little investors squeeze hedge funds in more stocks Published Mon, Jan 25 202111:09 AM ESTUpdated Mon, Jan 25 202111:15 AM EST This content was originally published here.

GameStop, AMC stocks rise as retail traders put squeeze on Wall Street giants — RT Business News

GameStop’s stock is likely to continue its rally, as it added over six percent in early pre-market trading on the first trading day of the week. It comes after the company’s share price jumped 400 percent last week and surged over 1,600 percent for the whole January. AMC is also expected to open this month […]

How and why Gamestop shook the stock market

Hedge funds and short-selling stock: How and why Gamestop shook the stock market Online traders have delivered a multibillion-dollar message to big investors but the situation raises important questions about social media’s impact on the stock market, writes Ben Chapman Friday 29 January 2021 00:17 Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my […]

r/WallStreetBets administrator pens open letter to CNBC about hedge fund leverage

A major aspect of the rise of stocks like GameStop is the use of leverage by hedge funds. The r/WallStreetBets crowd is using that leverage against them. What it means: Because hedge funds are using borrowed money to place bigger bets, they have to exit positions at certain levels or risk losing potentially infinite sums […]

Personal Finance For Dummies

Take stock of your financial situation From budgeting, saving, and reducing debt, to making timely investment choices and planning for the future, Personal Finance For Dummies provides fiscally conscious readers with the tools they need to take charge of their financial life. This new edition includes coverage of an extensive new tax bill that took effect in 2018 and the impact on individuals, families, small businesses, and on real estate and investing decisions. Plus, it covers emerging investing interests like technology and global investing, cryptocurrencies, pot stocks, the lifestyle changes occurring with millennials, and more. Evaluate and manage your financial fitness Assess your credit report and improve your score Make smart investments in any economic environment Find out about international investing The expert advice offered in Personal Finance For Dummies is for anyone looking to ensure that their finances are on the right track―and to identify the areas in which they can improve their financial strategies.

Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing

Learn how to protect and grow your wealth with this commonsense guide to investing You manage your own money. You understand the basics of investing and diversifying your portfolio. Now it’s time to invest like a pro for greater profits―with investment expert David Stein, host of the popular weekly podcast, “Money for the Rest of Us.” He’s created a unique ten-question template that makes it easy for individual investors like you to:  • Invest more confidently• Feel less overwhelmed• Build a stronger portfolio• Avoid costly mistakes• Plan and save for retirement Despite what many people believe, you don’t need to be an expert to be a successful investor. With Stein as your personal money mentor, you’ll learn how to make smarter, more informed decisions that can help reduce your risk and increase your gains by following a few simple rules for analyzing any investment. This is how the professionals grow their wealth and how you can, too. This is Money for the Rest of Us.