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10-Year-Old Texas Investor Earned Thousands in GameStop Stock Surge (Watch) | EURweb

Jayden, 10, and his GameStop stock *A 10-year-old boy whose mom bought him $60 worth of GameStop stock for Kwanzaa in 2019, “to start teaching him financial literacy,” is now $3200 richer after last week’s small-scale investor-induced surge. Jayden Carr, a fifth grader from San Antonio, was gifted 10 GameStop shares, each at $6.19. His […]

GameStop Investor, 10, Gets Huge Return for Shares He Was Gifted on Kwanzaa | PEOPLE.com

10-Year-Old GameStop Investor Saw Huge Return on Shares He Got on Kwanzaa: ‘I Felt Shocked’ Jaydyn Carr made $3,200 after selling 10 shares of GameStop that his mom bought him in 2019 for $60 This content was originally published here.

Kwanzaa gift of GameStop shares nets 10-year-old investor big payday

Jaydyn Carr became a GameStop shareholder on Dec. 30, 2019, after his mother gifted him 10 shares of the company for Kwanzaa two years ago. The gesture was both a nod to his love of video games and an opportunity to learn at arm’s length about investing in the stock market. This content was originally […]

10-year-old who used Kwanzaa money to invest in GameStop makes thousands

Wall Street: Short selling and short squeezes explained In most cases, profits are made in the stock market as the price of a share rises. But short sellers can make money as value drops and lose money as it rises. LOS ANGELES – A 10-year-old San Antonio boy made a killing by selling GameStop stock […]

Texas fifth-grader cashes in the GameStop shares his mom gave him for Kwanzaa — for almost $3,200 – MarketWatch

His GameStop shares had been a Kwanzaa gift from is mom, and he’d held on to them since he was 8 years old. But when the time was right to sell them, he knew it. He’s 10. San Antonio fifth-grader Jaydyn Carr received 10 GameStop shares GME, -44.29%  as a Kwanzaa gift two years ago. […]