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New York Young Republicans ‘Re-Occupy Wall Street’ in Wake of GameStop Debacle

Members of the New York Young Republicans staged a “Re-Occupy Wall Street” demonstration Sunday over the financial sector’s manipulation of GameStop stock after a Reddit group launched a buying surge. The group stormed Zuccotti Park in in lower Manhattan on Sunday at noon to protest the hedge funds and other financial institutions that undermined Reddit-driven stock […]

Trevor Noah gets bubbly with Margot Robbie GameStop explainer

GameStop won’t stop — and even Trevor Noah and Margot Robbie are taking a bath Thursday after the company’s infamous $5.5 billion stock surge controversy. “The Daily Show” host digitally inserted himself into Robbie’s bubble-bath scene from 2015’s financial crash drama “The Big Short” as a way to explain the convoluted situation to the confused masses. […]

The GameStop Short Squeeze Shows an Ugly Side of the Investing World – WSJ

Andrew Left is no stranger to conflict when it comes to investing. He makes a living betting that companies will stumble, and he calls out executives by name. Companies and their supporters fight back, but the criticism he normally gets is nothing compared with the venom spewed in recent days by stock traders who have […]