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Go read this story about how r/WallStreetBets triggered a huge rise in GameStop’s stock price – The Verge

The market, like Soylent Green, is made of people. That’s never more clear than when there’s something bonkers happening — like what’s happened with video game retailer GameStop’s stock since last September. Back then, it was trading at around $6.68; by this morning, however, it was trading at $146.97. (Since that astounding high, it fell […]

‘People are crying’: Hedge funds reel as GameStop trading army goes global – Financial News

The GameStop melt-up, driven in part by Elon Musk, Michael Burry of The Big Short fame and an army of armchair Redditors intent on crippling bearish hedge funds, has led the stock to skyrocket and pummel positions at firms including Melvin Capital and Citron Research. Now, the retail brigade is coming for other stocks popular among […]

GME, AMC Skyrocket Pre-Market As r/WallStreetBets Interest Remains Sky-High

The shares of GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Ltd (NYSE: AMC) are skyrocketing in the pre-market session on Wednesday as they continue to see high interest in the r/WallStreetBets community on Reddit. What Happened: GameStop shares traded 68.27% higher at $249, while AMC shares traded 172.18% higher at $13.50 at press time. […]

BTC price clings to $31K as Scaramucci says GameStop boom ‘good for Bitcoin’

Bitcoin (BTC) showed little signs of improvement on Jan. 27, but one major fund believes that it will benefit from new trends among investors. At the same time, all eyes have been on GameStop (GME) price volatility this week. By comparison, GME has dwarfed BTC in gains so far this year, up over 3,000% percent […]