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» Workshop Spotlight: Affiliate Marketing Legal Lessons by David Adler

TITLE: Legal Lessons from the Trenches: Affiliate Marketing Risks & Pitfalls TARGET AUDIENCE: Affiliates, Merchants/Brands, Affiliate Networks EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced DESCRIPTION: The term “affiliate marketing” is often misused and frequently misunderstood. At its core, affiliate marketing represents something overwhelmingly positive: paying only for marketing that delivers actual, quantifiable results that are highly relevant […]

Mama says, ”Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!” (World of Dr. Mackamatix Mathematics Edutainment Book)

A little girl growing up in New Orleans dreams about seeing the world. Soon she discovers that she could actually do this via mathematics. She’s all grown up now. Her name is Dr. Mackamatix. Now that she´s fulfilled her dreams of traveling this beautiful planet, she wishes to show kids how they too can see our beautiful planet via mathematics. Do you wish to learn how you too may see the world via mathematics? Dr. Mackamatix will introduce you to some of her multicultural animated hip-hop buddies: Al G. Bro, Professor Zero, Frakshun, Ma$, Queen%, and Nada. Together they’ll take you on many adventures through “The World of Dr. Mackamatix” – which is sort of like a hip-hop version of Sesame Street. Dr. Mackamatix and her friends show kids how mathematics can be FUN, is used in their everyday lives and in almost every profession! One of the students – Ma$ – asks Professor Zero to teach her how mathematics is used to invest money. He teaches her how to learn more mathematics by learning how money grows in a bank savings account. Yes, he shows her money doesn´t grow on trees!

The Socionomic Theory of Finance

The Socionomic Theory of Finance is a 13-year-long effort by Robert Prechter. It includes supporting chapters from twelve other scholars, writers, researchers and analysts. In contrast to the dismal science of economics, Prechter’s theory is original, exciting and intellectually fulfilling. Every chapter rebuts conventions and offers ground-breaking insights in presenting a cohesive model with real-world application. The book draws a crucial distinction between finance and economics and ties both fields to human social behavior. Top reviewers from multiple disciplines have offered acclaim. Professor Terry Burnham calls it “the best book ever written on financial markets.” In time, STF will transform the thinking of every individual in the world of finance. Read it and be among the first. Are you a professor or student? Special pricing available. Contact the publisher for details at institute@socionomics.net or 470-892-2037.