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Top GameStop investors reap billions from stock surge

The massive surge in GameStop’s stock price has made three of its biggest investors billions of dollars richer. The video-game retailer’s top individual shareholders racked up a collective gain as large as $5.5 billion as Reddit day traders drove the shares to dizzying heights. The biggest winner is Chewy.com founder Ryan Cohen, who joined GameStop’s […]

Insiders at GameStop, BlackBerry, LaCroix Maker Are Suddenly Sitting on Big Stock Gains – WSJ

Retail day traders and Reddit stock pickers aren’t the only ones riding a surge in stock market gains. So are some chief executives and board members at long-struggling companies. Ryan Cohen, the 35-year-old internet entrepreneur who bought a stake in GameStop Corp. last year and joined its board earlier this month after agitating for strategic […]

GameStop stock hits record high as Reddit group causes mayhem

A hot potato: GameStop’s stock spiked on Friday when hedge funds sensed a drop in stock price and attempted to “short” the market. A group of redditors bolstered enthusiasm for the stock however and forced traders to quickly buy back the stock for fear of losses, leading to a massive 69 percent rise in stock […]

GameStop Stock Soars, and Social-Media Traders Claim Victory – WSJ

Individual investors who recently piled into GameStop Corp. are taking a victory lap this week after shares of the struggling company doubled in the last two days, putting the stock on pace for its best weekly performance on record. For weeks, members of Reddit’s popular WallStreetBets forum have been touting GameStop, encouraging others to scoop […]

GameStop Stock Surge

In November and December 2020, following the October 8th surge, multiple /r/WallStreetBets users made posts hyping up GameStop stock, including due diligence posts predicting a possible short squeeze,[27][13] leading to a those /r/WSB users who bought in the stock referring to themselves as GME Gang.[14] The number of posts about GameStop stock in /r/WallStreetBets increased […]