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Why I (Brett) Should Have Sold My First Company Sooner – LeadDyno – Easy Affiliate Marketing & Instant Affiliate Network

Startup guru and hard-hitting interview Nathan Latka hosted me on his Top Entrepreneurs podcast. It was a fun discussion on the history of LeadDyno, from our humble beginnings in 2012 to today! Here’s the direct link to the discussion: In the interview we discuss: How we started LeadDyno in 2012 and powered through a lean […]

How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Boost ROI and Pay Only After You Get the Sale of Your Product or Service | Inc.com

Limited marketing budget? Affiliate marketing, or partner marketing, is a model that allows your small business to pay based on results. It’s ideal for an uncertain economic environment, startups on a shoestring, or any cost-conscious business. This content was originally published here.