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Where to buy the PS5: Restock updates for Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Target and more – CNET

The PS5 may have debuted back on Nov. 12, but you’d hardly know it looking at the inventory online and on store shelves. Right now the only consoles you can buy are marked up to obscene levels, on sites like eBay and StockX, often far more than their retail value of $400 or $500 for […]

The best Mario Day games sales at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and more – The Verge

Discounts on Nintendo Switch games, especially ones published by Nintendo itself, are rare. But they’re in full swing today, March 10th (cheekily known as “Mar10” day in celebration of Nintendo’s mascot). Several retailers are participating, though with few exceptions, you’ll find mostly the same deals across the board. If you’re interested in these deals but […]

‘Detective Pikachu’ Promo Giveaways at Walmart, Target, GameStop, and More! – PokéBeach

Pokemon has announced that the Detective Pikachu Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Snubbull promos will be given out at Walfart, Target, and GameStop in the United S This content was originally published here.

Now GameStop employees will badger you while holding a Microsoft Surface

Big news out of GameStop today. The in-store experience is going to morph from an underpaid employee asking if you’d like to pre-order a game or buy a protection plan from behind a desk, to an underpaid employee asking if you’d like to pre-order a game or buy a protection plan with a Microsoft Surface […]

Buying A Nintendo Switch Is Proving To Be Difficult In The US Right Now – Nintendo Life

Getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch system isn’t as straightforward as you might hope in the US at the moment, with stock issues at a number of major retailers hinting at wider distribution struggles. Well-known stores such as Amazon, Target, GameStop, and Best Buy have been struggling to keep up with demand both online […]

GameStop PS5 Restock Debacle Leaves Customers Angry

GameStop is trending on Twitter, and many of the tweets include angry customers complaining about recent PS5 restocks. GameStop has had several PS5 restocks this month. It’s also had several Xbox Series X restocks as well. And these restocks have provided many PlayStation and Xbox gamers with next-gen consoles ahead of Christmas. However, a lot […]

Xbox Series X/S Will Be Available To Buy Sometime Tonight At GameStop – GameSpot

The Xbox Series X and Series S release tomorrow, November 10, and if you haven’t secured your preorder yet, you’ll have an opportunity to snag one at GameStop. The retailer announced on Twitter that it will have Xbox Series X and Series S bundles available for purchase online tonight. Unfortunately, a specific time wasn’t provided, […]

GameStop To Close Stores Thanksgiving Day, Offer Black Friday Deals Early – GameSpot

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, GameStop is following the lead of other major retailers, including Walmart and Target, by announcing its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year. Since 2017, GameStop has opened around 3 or 4 PM in the afternoon on Thanksgiving Day to allow shoppers to start their Black Friday […]

GameStop sales are being killed by the videogame slump – CNN

The company said it would use the money it saves from halting its dividend to pay down debt and increase promotions and sales to drive customer traffic. But that will pinch profit even more. The company said its quarterly earnings fell by 63% at its businesses that were operating at least a year. In March, […]