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GameStop Is Hosting a TikTok Contest for Employees Where the Prize Is More Work – Paste

GameStop employees, have you ever thought to yourself, “I would like to be scheduled for more hours, but through a process that resembles gambling?” Great news! Gamestop has announced that they will be holding a TikTok video challenge for their stores, with one of the grand prizes being an allotment of 10 extra labor hours […]

GameStop Asks Employees To Participate in TikTok Dance To Earn Hours | Complex

Every glimmer of hope for labor in the US comes with a grim counterpoint. For every statewide increase in minimum wage, there apparently is an example of companies asking employees to dance for their supper. Video game retailer GameStop made that very close to literal this week when they asked stores around the country to […]

GameStop, Bitcoin and QAnon: How the Wisdom of Crowds Became the Anarchy of the Mob – WSJ

This was the week that the stock market became the stonks market. For those of you unaware, “stonks” is an internet meme, an absurdist play on the word “stock” that’s now almost unavoidable on social media. On Jan. 26, Elon Musk, recently the world’s richest man, tweeted “Gamestonk!!”, and received more than 200,000 likes. It […]