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Jimmy Kimmel deletes tweet suggesting Jon Stewart sounded like Trump by backing GameStop traders

FOX Business anchor of ‘Mornings with Maria’ Maria Bartiromo argues Robinhood trading restrictions are causing Wall Street to think we are not operating in a free market. ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel appears to have deleted a tweet knocking former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart for expressing solidarity with the amateur stock traders behind last week’s Wall Street […]

Jon Stewart Joins Twitter GameStop Stock Wall Street

Jon Stewart, looking at his new Twitter feed. Photo: CBS via Getty Images Well, would you look at that? All it took was a few Redditors intentionally driving up the price GameStop stock, causing a few billions of dollars of losses for hedge funds who bet big money on that stock losing value, leading to […]

President Trump Announces Financial Assistance for Americans Impacted by Coronavirus

  President Trump announced that he would meet with lawmakers on March 1oth to discuss economic relief for Americans affected by the coronavirus.  More specifically, the President will discuss the following with lawmakers: A payroll tax cut Financial assistance for hourly wage earners Loans for small businesses Financial assistance for the airline and cruise industries […]