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On Twitter, many follow @robinhood en masse not realizing it’s The Robin Hood Society of Sherwood, UK, not GameStop or stocks related | Boing Boing

Ah, yes, another case of mistaken social media handle identity. The World Wide Robin Hood Society, based in the heart of Sherwood, Nottingham, England, has a bunch of new followers on Twitter. CNN’s Brian Fung observed, “People appear to be following @robinhood en masse without realizing that the handle belongs to the Robin Hood society […]

WallStreetBets and GameStop: Reddit investing frenzy spreads overseas

Brokerage firms have witnessed a surge in volumes, with the likes of Robinhood, Vanguard and Charles Schwab facing major outages Wednesday. Similar issues have been faced by European trading platforms, such as Trading 212. On Wednesday, Trading 212 warned of disruption to its service due to “unprecedented increase in demand.” The platform informed users Thursday […]

Pity the Nation – randomwordbyruth…

LikesInternetMarketing.com Digital marketing blog with articles on affiliate marketing, digital marketing and how to make money online without personally selling anything. Brangien Illuminated I am Brangien [Brangaine] of Weisefort, Ireland, lady-in-waiting to my cousin Isolde, who became promised to King Marc of Cornwall. His nephew Tristan escorted us to England by ship. But Tristan and […]

Bravo Savings #ukstaystrong initiative | Tradedoubler – Connect and Grow

Bravo Savings Network’s #ukstaystrong initiative provides exclusive offers during coronavirus outbreak to help us overcome these difficult circumstances. It’s great to see how publishers can react when the going gets tough.  Being headquartered in Florence, Italy, Bravo Savings Network has been at the heart of the current crisis since the beginning. Last Friday 20th March, […]

Here’s How to Get TIDAL Premium for Just $1 Per Month

The Jay-Z-owned music subscription service TIDAL boasts over 60 million songs, 250,000 videos, audiobooks, sounds to make you sleep, and more. With self-isolation the reality most of us are living right now, those aforementioned things are probably going to come in handy at some point. And even handier — the platform has just announced that […]

The Credit Card Time Bomb: Deadly Plastic Weapons of Mass Destruction in the USA, UK, Australia and China

In her book, Dr. Iris Mack discusses the global multi-trillion dollar credit card debt crisis. More specifically, the author discusses 1. The Credit Card Debt Crisis in the USA 2. The Credit Card Situation in Other Major Economies: U.K., Australia and China 3. The Fear of the Credit Bubble Burst 4. Credit Card Debt Relief Solutions In addition, Dr. Mack provides references for further reading and study

Ecommerce and Beyond: 9 Steps to Skyrocket Your Sales Without a Degree in Rocket Science

Ecommerce and Beyond is a simple, non-technical book for bricks-and-mortar shop owners, entrepreneurs and store sales managers who are ready to succeed online, or can’t figure out why their ecommerce website is not selling as much as it should. In this book, Rodolfo Melogli explains his very basic yet effective ecommerce strategy. This practical 9-step, bullet-proof system has helped countless small and medium business owners across Ireland, the UK, the USA and Italy build and maintain profitable websites.The author shares all the up-to-date, expert knowledge and insights that ecommerce managers need to take charge of their online success . Ecommerce and Beyond combines the basics of internet marketing together with practical expert tips, so that online retailers can:Attract the right website trafficEngage and turn browsers into buyersLeverage referrals and product reviewsSkyrocket online salesThis book is not about web design. Plenty of shiny designer websites out there simply do not convert sales. Ecommerce and Beyond is about turning visitors into leads and browsers into buyers .That is the essence of good ecommerce marketing – having your website sell globally, 24/7, 365 days per year and automatically, even while you sleep, and without a degree in rocket science.